A typical day or two

I’ve been meaning to write down what I do on a typical day this year and didn’t get around to it until last week. It’s a useful exercise to see exactly what you do and when. There are several books on the theory of personal time management – for example 168 Hours (which I haven’t read yet because it is not available on Kindle, but I do follow the blog) which explain the benefits of doing an analysis, but the main one is that you can see where you waste your time.

I’ve documented two days of last week below. Several things to note:

  1. I don’t drink enough fluids during the day – I haven’t included the gory details below, but on day one I take a coffee break in the morning and don’t drink the coffee until 30 minutes later…
  2. I get distracted by day to day issues – most of them need my attention so there is little I can do about this
  3. Doing the recording actually keeps one focused on work and allows one to see really where the time is spent

Below, the times are approximate and the names have been removed to protect the innocent. And of course the guilty…

June 7th

720 Wake up, Shower, Dress
800 Breakfast
810 Walk to Florenc Metro, Buy day ticket and get on
845 Arrive at Stodulky office
845 Impromptu meeting with staff member
900 E-mail and Catchup
915 Recruitment meeting with recruitment manager
930 Design and write new SLAM report for recruitment
1030 Coffee break
1035 Call a supplier
1040 Dept Report
1050 Deal with an HR issue
1055 Dept Report, actually drink coffee I made at 1030
1105 Impromptu project meeting
1120 Dept Report
1150 E-mail and Catchup
1200 Call with peer to discuss Dept Report
1215 Finalise Dept Report and send out
1220 E-mail and Catchup
1225 Sandwich from the machine
1230 Meeting with CRM architect to discuss
1245 E-mail
1250 Outside for a break, renew Opencard
1340 Call a supplier again, Another supplier calls me, E-mail
1400 Meeting with VP of Business Systems
1515 Coffee and E-mail
1530 Meeting with IT, but attendees not available, so I caught up with another staff member
1600 My Team Meeting
1700 Meeting (impromptu) with VP of Business Systems
1730 E-mails
1750 Leave office, metro to Letnany
1850 Buy wine
1900 Dinner with friends
2150 Head back to hotel
2215 Back to hotel, reading, personal e-mail
2300 Sleep

June 8th

715 Wakeup, Shower, Dress, couple of personal e-mails
800 Breakfast
805 Walk to metro, go to Stodulky
845 Arrive at office. Catch up with staff member
900 Meeting with NOC manager and staff member on an OSS system
930 Group meeting breaking for lunch around 1 for 20 minutes
I left for 15 minutes in the afternoon to get a coffee but ended up catching up with DC Ops manager
1715 Meeting with the VP of Ops
1735 Short break
1740 Call with NOC manager, staff member and OSS vendor
1800 Called a friend
1810 Called a staff member in UK
1820 Project plan checkpoint reporting
1850 Friend called me back
1900 Project plan checkpoint reporting
1930 E-mails and calls to deal with an HR issue
2000 Left, went to Andel, had dinner with the Group VP
2200 Back to the hotel. Reading and personal e-mail/internet
2350 Finally to sleep


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