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Much of language learning requires the student to learn words, sounds and patterns by heart. In the same way that a body builder improves their strength, the language learner needs to regularly flex their language muscles.

This book will help you revise Russian verbs. The verbs are presented in groups by subject and learning objectives to help with memorisation.

Expected items for 0.5

  • Perfective counterparts of prototypes in chapter 2
  • Check and correct the grammar section for repititions (etc)
  • Standardise the explanations of perfective, imperfective on each verb example
  • More verbs
  • Moods

Version 0.4 (7/2023)

  • Aspects - past and future perfective
  • The verb list has been finalised (almost...)

Version 0.3 (15/4/2023)

  • An initial section on how to use the book has been added
  • The section on Tenses has been written
  • More verbs
  • Some minor corrections and rewording
  • Additionally research on the verb list is complete but still needs prioritisation

Version 0.2 (19/2/2023)

  • Completely revised the layout
  • Initial chapter on verbs and conjugations
  • First verbs

Version 0.1 (25/9/2019)

  • Initial layout and concept

Discrepancies and things to be aware of

  • the spacing and layout in the PDF version is not optimal (yet)
  • учиться is mentioned in изучать but is not in the book yet
  • I have not finished the section on cases yet, but I refer to it in the introduction
  • The section on the stem could be better
  • I may leave out reflexive verbs
  • I may leave out Imperatives