Learning Russian Handwriting – Changelog

Development Changelog

This book is a work in progress and you should treat it as a beta for now. For the chapters published, I may well revisit the drawings and the explanations. I will record the key changes made between development editions here.

Once we’ve published a more complete edition, the errata will appear here, although by the power of Lean Publishing it will be easy to issue new digital versions.


To-Do and in progress for version 1.7

  • The ChangeLog has moved to this page.
  • б, в, ь, ы, ъ will definitely be revisited, as will some of the words
  • Sensible pagination and page splits if required
  • Consistency of red arrows.
  • The entire book will be reviewed once the draft is completed
  • The first chapters need to be revised to incorporate some new ideas
  • The end is in sight!


  • спасибо has been redone but may be revisited.
  • А – the guidelines have been removed, мама has been replaced but may well be replaced again.
  • A – the red arrows have been tidied up somewhat
  • щ has been made more consistent with ш
  • The Glagolitic Alphabet has been traced and redone

1.5 (90%)

  • Draft of chapter 7
  • The heading image of chapter 6 was updated

1.4 12-Apr-2020 (65%)

  • A draft of Chapter 6 has been added
  • A few nits corrected
  • This version was not published, because now is the time to do fixes

1.3 23-Mar-2020 (50%)

  • The У has been fixed throughout as strictly my capital У was incorrect
  • An example for щ was added
  • Chapter 3 has been drafted
  • Some typos fixed

1.2 17-Mar-2020 (35%)

  • New Proactive templates and pens used in the background
  • Chapter 4 on Т, Ж, Ш and Щ has been added
  • Some small typos corrected

1.1 10-Jan-2020 (29%)

  • Chapter 5 on б, в, ь, ы, ъ has been added
  • A correction on the origin of ы. According to Wikipedia it is actually derived from ъi
  •  A note in chapter 1 about the lower case nature of ь, ъ and ы has been added.

1.0.1 3-Dec-2019 (20%)

  • Some very minor formatting changes in the front matter.

1.0 1-Dec-2019 (20%)

  • The first edition was published with the introduction, chapter 1 on the Alphabet, chapter 2 on М, А, Е, Ё, О, К, З along with chapter 8 on Belarusian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and pre-revolution alphabets.