Boom. A significant drop in weight. I managed to get out on my bike yesterday and as I rode, I felt full of energy. I managed an hour in between two meetings. It was the first time that I used my Fitbit to track a bike ride. I had my mobile in my back pocket and I suspect that is needed for it to work properly. When I returned home and synced my Fitbit, the ride automatically appeared in Strava. 

Well, that’s quite good, but the tracking disagrees with my Garmin. For example, the Garmin says I hit 42km/h whereas the Fitbit says 40km/h. I would probably put money on the Garmin producing better measurements. I will have to investigate what to do here. Having the heart rates and effort logged is good though.

But back to what we should be talking about. Diet. I got up really early yesterday, around 0530 and worked throughout the day except for the bike ride, going into the evening with a Russian lesson until 2100. I read after and eventually got to bed for 2230. I drank loads of water and herbal tea, over 4 litres. This is skewed a bit because I perspired a lot on the bike ride due to wet weather clothing. I slept well - for the first time this week, the alarm woke me up. My weight has dropped significantly overnight.

We had a meal around 1800 of baked chicken, cauliflower mash, vegetables and salad. I had a piece of cheese around 2130, which strictly breaks 1MAD I suppose but it is within a 4-hour eating window. The key differences between Tuesday and Wednesday are better sleep, high hydration and exercise. Also, ketosis takes 3-5 days to kick in and my consumption at the weekend probably stopped ketosis. We are heading back into the zone now.

Here are the stats: