Learning Russian Handwriting

What is it about?

I learnt the art of Russian handwriting in three weeks in 2017. This book will show you how to handwrite the Cyrillic letters and quickly get to grips with Russian handwriting. It is organised in digestible chunks so that you can learn quickly. In the book, we also cover the Belarusian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and pre-revolution alphabets.

Where can I get it?

The book is available from Leanpub and it is in the process of being written (see the ChangeLog). Version 1.4 was published in March 2020 when the book was 50% complete. I have generated two versions since, but I’m not ready to republish. There’s a lot of work to do but 90% of the text is complete. Much of the work to do is in the revision of the images.


Practice sheets are available for the chapters in the book (published as we go):

  • Chapter 2 – м, а, е/ё, о, к & з
  • Chapter 3 – с, н, п, р, у, х, д & и/й
  • Chapter 4 – т, ж, ш & щ
  • Chapter 5 – б, в, ы, ь & ъ
  • Chapter 6 – г, л, ф, ц, ч, э, ю & я
  • Chapter 7 – Words and phrases
  • Chapter 8 – і, ў, ґ, ї, є, ѳ, ѣ & ѵ

The book was written using the Leanpub platform using the Atom editor and the images were made with an iPad and an Apple Pencil. 


Here are the books referenced in the Bibliography: