I have just finished reading Tim Ferris's book The 4-hour Body. Part of this book recommends the Slow Carb diet as a way to lose weight. Tim also has a summary on his blog of the diet: How to lose 100 pounds.

Essentially the diet is this:

  1. Don't eat "white" carbs - all bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and grain.
  2. Eat similar meals four times a day - these will consist of proteins (chicken, fish, beef, eggs), lentils, black beans and vegetables.
  3. Don't drink calories - this means fruit juice, beer, other alcohol but you are allowed 1-2 small glasses of red wine.
  4. Don't eat fruit except avocado and tomatoes - get your 5 portions a day from vegetables.
  5. Take one day off a week where you can eat absolutely what you want (including everything that is banned above in rules 1-4).

For me the attraction of this diet is that it is still possible to enjoy a drink whilst you do it and the possibility of a day off is amazing. I intend to use a blog to record my efforts and measure my success (or failure).

Slow-Carb Diet is a registered trademark of Timothy Ferriss.