Saucepans – a Lesson in Minimalism

800px-Casseroles_cuivre_VauxIn March, I moved into a flat in Prague that is fully furnished. Included in the fixtures were some kitchen utensils and most basic things that one would need to get started. One of my first thoughts was that there are only three saucepans. Two of the saucepans are medium sized and one is extra large. My feeling was that this would not be enough probably due to the comfort zone of owning more than three saucepans in my house in London.

Recently I have become more interested in Minimalism. I am trying to reduce the number of unnecessary possessions and concentrate more on experiences by living a meaningful life. The reality is that we don’t need all these things. Often we own things just in case we need them when actually we don’t. For daily life, three saucepans is enough for me and even for a small dinner party I have managed with three. If I need a fourth one, it is usually because the three are dirty.

Obviously if I did more cooking I would need more saucepans. Minimalism is not just about reducing the number of possessions one owns but is really about removing possessions we don’t need and keeping only possessions that we use or that add meaning to our lives. In this particular case, I had attached too much meaning to owning a set of saucepans rather than their utility – after all, everyone has a full set so I guess I should? We will live happier lives if we remove the excess unnecessary items that litter our homes and concentrate on getting on with living life.

Saucepans picture, public domain by Jebulon.

One thought on “Saucepans – a Lesson in Minimalism

  1. Definitely know how you feel. How many things have I kept because everyone else seems to think they need them so obviously I must too? It feels good to finally realize what I don’t actually need.

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