airline-weight-tagThis week I was returning from Prague with a lot of luggage. For the first time ever, my bag was over the airline limit of 23kg. The bag weighed in at 26.6kg and it was very awkward to manoeuvre. Fortunately, modern luggage has multi-directional wheels so it can be pulled, dragged and pushed without much effort. Getting up and down the stairs is the problem.

I have a British Airways Silver Card so I'm entitled to two 23kg bags, so the check-in staff let my luggage on. However, I could do without carrying that weight again except when I go to the gym. But it occurred to me as I took my weight measurements this morning (76kg) that 26kg is roughly the amount of weight that I have lost since making an effort to train and change my diet habits for a year followed by a stint on the Slow-Carb diet.

I was carrying that amount of weight with me for too long and I never want to carry it again.