Two weekends ago, I went to see Django Unchained with a good friend of mine, Frederique. We watched the film and enjoyed it. It was a nice day out with a decent lunch of fish and chips, coffee and cakes, the film, a beer and a pizza to finish. The film was one of the best films I have seen for a long time. Tarantino makes good films. Long may he continue.

In roughly six months time, Django will be available to download or on DVDs and Blu-Ray. Will I be buying it or be downloading it? No, absolutely not. Will I watch it again? Maybe.
Last year I made a decision to watch a film once and enjoy it. (Actually I've only broken the rule a couple of times with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and The Dark Knight Rises, but these films deserved a second viewing.)

No longer will I hoard films on DVDs. No longer will I watch films that I have seen before. I will watch films that I haven't seen before via a download service such as the iTunes store or Netflix.

I still have a little trouble though - I still own 7 DVDs. Six of them are the Star Wars films. The reason I have not parted with these discs is that they have the original unadulterated "Han Solo shot first" movies on them (albeit in letterbox format). The discs are rare. My worry is that I will not be able to find these original versions if I really wanted to. The other disc is the Cannonball Run which is one of my favourites.

There really is no reason to keep these discs other than sentimental value. I will be able to watch the Star Wars films in some form whenever I want and if I can't, I suspect the world will have bigger problems at that point. These are all "First World" problems and are not really problems at all.

The key takeaway - go and watch films you haven't seen, go and watch them with your friends, enjoy the experience and enjoy the moment. Do not try to recreate a moment or experience by watching the film again. Use that time to go and see new films. Let go of your DVD collection. Use subscription services rather than buy physical discs to get better value.

(I kept writing "movies" when I wrote the above, rather than the more British "film". Clearly the 33 days in the States last year had an impact... The title remains. The featured image is by Andrei Zmievski )