This weekend I had my last beer and my last glass of champagne, at least for a month or two. Actually, it was the end of a week of beers, cocktails and wine. I'm giving up drink for a little while to help prepare for my cycle ride between London and Paris. I also need to cut down because even though I have spent the majority of the year on a diet, I'm still drinking too much.

I was in Dresden this weekend and my friend Silke managed to find me a Hofbräu bar so that I could have one of my favourite beers before I quit. I expect to be grumpy this week as my body detoxes - in fact, I think it takes me anything up to two weeks to get used to the absence of alcohol.

I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep this up but it will be until at least the end of April. I intend to have a beer in Milwaukee when I visit in May - I cannot go to a brewing town without having a beer. The purpose of me writing this on my blog is so that you can all hold me accountable!

(As this post goes out, I have been alcohol-free for 96 hours...)