15191783467_db50f95fbf_oThere is something very pleasant about the simplicity of a single-speed bike. I purchased this bike (pictured to the left) on my return from a ride to Brussels. I don't really need another bike but having one you can just get on and ride is very nice. I use it to go to the shops and visit my friends and family. The seat is padded so that bicycle clothes are not needed. The pedals are flat and I don't use bicycle shoes. For short distances it is just fine and there are not enough hills where I ride it for the single gear to be a problem.

The wheel can be reversed and the bike turned into a "fixie" but I'm not brave enough to ride fixie-style where the wheels will stop if you stop pedalling.

Since purchasing it, I do not use my car nearly as much. The only things that can go wrong with it are the brakes, the chain and a puncture. All the tools to fix the bike (except perhaps a pump) can be stored in the bag under the seat. It is very simple and easy to maintain.