IMG_2528Most of the ale recipes that I brew are from Greg Hughes's book on homebrewing. The Summer Ale recipe looked like a good one to try as a beginner. I was able to get the ingredients from Amazon.

Having had a dry run of the whole brewing process in January, this attempt in February was a lot easier. Watching the grains becoming a natural filter in the mash tun in this brew versus the mesh of the mash tun in the last brew was a relief. However I made one mistake and I thought it would be a big one. I forgot to add Protofloc to the boil. This helps clear the beer and give a nice finish.

I didn't panic particularly - the Internet said not to worry. What I ended up with was a slightly cloudy beer but it was enjoyable. Much of the barrel disappeared when friends came to dinner and the following weekend when friends came to brew the next batch.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 17.01.27