[caption id="attachment_8142" align="alignleft" width="300"]img_4725 Hasn't cleared unfortunately[/caption]

Last year I started to make beer and wine. I've had some success with beer, but I'm still starting out with wine. It takes a lot longer to make a good wine than it does to make a good beer.

Last January, I make a parsnip wine. I also made an apple wine which exploded. The remnants can still be seen on the ceiling in my utility room. The parsnip wine was allowed to continue and I racked it several times over the course of the first quarter of 2016. Around March, I decided to bottle it. I tried some and it wasn't very nice. I just happened to be getting my car serviced that day and I had to leave the wine bottling process to pick up the car. The car engineer used to make wine and he told me not to throw it away, but to leave it for a bit longer. I re-racked it. A few more months later, I bottled it and tried it again. It was much better.

Unfortunately from the picture, you can see it hasn't cleared. I opened a bottled today after almost a year after I started making the wine. It is full of sediment. However the flavour is quite nice - not unpleasant. It is like a brandy. It is sweet and would suit as a dessert wine. I won't be drinking much more of this due to the sediment and will try harder next time.

[caption id="attachment_8141" align="alignright" width="300"]img_4702 Better times ahead...[/caption]

The good news is I have brewed a parsnip wine more recently and it is clearing very nicely. It is the lightest wine in the picture.