img_4802I have been making wine for almost a year, but I have only recently started to taste the results. And frankly you can use the early ones to clean your car engine with.

However today I boxed an Apple Wine that I made back in late June. I made it with 6kg apples, put through a juicer making approximately 7 litres of juice. Then once strained, I took one litre of it and boiled it. Off the heat, 800g of sugar went into the hot liquor. All of the juice combined went into a fermentation bin together with yeast and nutrient to ferment for a few days before transferring it to a demijohn to condition.

The wine has been conditioning since early July in my garage and it has cleared quite nicely. The taste is good enough for it to be enjoyed.

This one is much better than the red wine I've just boxed, which is far too sweet. I made this red wine from a very simple recipe and I won't bother with it again. The recipe had far too much sugar in it.