Wine 2020#1 – Blackberry Wine

Zero Waste – reuse the pulp for jam

I simply did not do enough brewing 2019, four brews at most. To get back into the swing of it, I’ve started by making wine. I intend to make one wine a month this year. This Blackberry Wine based on a very simple recipe from Fruity PassionsI’m making because I found a load of blackberries in the freezer. Also once the blackberries have been soaked it is possible to make Blackberry Jam from the pulp so that very little gets wasted.

  • Blackberries (Frozen, 1.75kg)
  • Sugar (1.5kg)
  • Water (4.5 litres)
  • Good quality wine yeast
  1. Boil the water and pour over the Blackberries. Cover with cloths. Leave for 3 days, but stir occasionally throughout this time.
  2. Strain the lot into a sanitised fermentation bucket over the sugar. Stir to dissolve. Add the yeast. Cover and leave in the primary for about 6 days
  3. Rack into a sanitised demijohn and let the yeast do its magic. Rerack as necessary.
  4. Make a jam from the pulp.

(Blackberry photo public domain available from here)

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