I am a complete sucker when it comes to notebooks and stationery. Yesterday during lunch I popped into Foyle's and when I'm there I always end up in the stationery section. And this time I succumbed to a Traveller's Notebook.

I have been meaning to try a Traveller's Notebook for some time. This passport-sized version cost £4 and has 64 pages. The notebook is made from MD Paper, which is a premium product and is resilient to heavy inks. I have to say it lives up to its claim.

The notebook is slim and as you would expect matches the size of a passport, making it easy to carry. The notebook will open up and stay open almost flat. I tested the book with a Lamy medium nib fountain pen and Diamine ink. These inks tend to be wetter than most but there was no harm done to the page. There was little or no drag on the pen. There was a little ghosting but nothing unexpected in a notebook. The writing did not feather, not did the ink bleed.

[caption id="attachment_8825" align="alignright" width="300"] Minimal ghosting and bleed[/caption]

There are other sizes of the notebook with accessories and covers. The notebook is perfectly usable without them. At 6p/page, the notebook is possibly a little more expensive than others (e.g. a Lechtturn 1917 Hardcover A6 with 187 pages comes in around 5p/page), but given its performance and convenient size, I would highly recommend it.