After a weekend "off" where many beers, burgers, afternoon teas and pasta dishes were consumed, I managed to get straight back onto the wagon. As I wrote last week, I did not intend to break the rules on Friday night, but so be it. It was a more successful week, including a night at the pub where I drank two pints of water instead of beer (much to everyone's surprise).

[caption id="attachment_9170" align="alignleft" width="300"] Traces of Ketones[/caption]

Since starting this diet, my upper waist around my belly has reduced by over a centimetre from 99.7cm to 98.2cm and my lower waist remains roughly the same at 94.10cm. Although my overall weight has not reduced this week, my body fat is still declining albeit slowly. I'm afraid last weekend impeded progress.

My ketosis test results have been pretty much zero this week and nothing like the results in the first week. I do not think I'm making as much progress as I should and I think this is for two reasons.

1. I'm fatigued and I'm not waking up in the morning refreshed. I do not believe this is due to lack of sleep, but it's probably due to the change in diet. I take magnesium and B12 to help, but at the moment they are not working.

[caption id="attachment_9168" align="alignright" width="300"] As I write this, I'm noshing these[/caption]

2. Legumes. I'm eating too many beans and I need to cut down generally. Although legumes are allowed on the Slow-Carb diet, you should not eat too many of them.

I'm having a cheat day today as you would expect on this diet but I'm taking it easy. I've just noshed down some bacon muffins and I am likely to have eggs royale for lunch. We will be eating sous vide short ribs later. Possibly a couple of cold ones with it... Happy Cheat Day Folks.

[caption id="attachment_9166" align="aligncenter" width="551"] Diet Statistics 25/1/2020[/caption]