I started this working week in much better shape in terms of energy. The fatigue and brain fog were not there on Monday morning. I woke up at 505am and got up at 555am. I had an active weekend but it was mostly studying and writing rather than physical activity.

[caption id="attachment_9349" align="alignleft" width="300"] Cheating with well-done Croissants[/caption]

In case I am suffering from SAD, this week I have made sure that there is enough natural light where I'm working. But to defeat fatigue, the trick is to switch off at 8pm and do something relaxing. I've started to watch television again with the aim of being in bed by 10pm. I had two late nights (i.e. after 10pm) this week with my Russian lesson on Wednesday and a concert on Thursday. Despite this, my energy levels are in the right place. I just need to make sure I get some rest this weekend.

Am I in ketosis? I would suspect that during the week my body is burning fat. The ketone tests are not showing anything particularly useful and it turns out the test strips are past their best before date. I'm going to stop testing for now - it isn't helping me or giving me any indication of progress.

My weight and fat percentage measurements are showing good progress. My weight is on the decline, so we are getting somewhere. Actually, today's reading of 81.3kg is anomalous. I suspect that will shoot up in the next day or two, but still, the numbers are going in the right direction. So far I have lost 3.9kg overall and 1.7kg of fat. Keep calm and carry on.

[caption id="attachment_9351" align="alignright" width="300"] Some cold ones for later[/caption]

I'm munching on croissants and pain au chocolates whilst doing some planned out-of-hours maintenance work. It's cheat-day and I intend to fully cheat with some cold ones later on (pending a successful planned work).

This coming week I am making an exception on Tuesday night because I am going to a wine tasting. I'm expecting to see a negative impact on my weight loss, but the key is to make these things the exception rather than the rule.

Actually, on that note, I've had a glass of wine on two occasions this week. Interestingly I've not felt great the next morning. Even one glass can affect me at the moment. The right thing to do is stay off booze whilst dieting, but this week its had no measurable effect on my weight loss. Here are the grim details: