I was a very naughty boy this week. I broke the rules of the diet twice. On Tuesday I attended a wine tasting evening and drank almost a bottle of wine as seven samples, including one that was very sweet. On Thursday I attended another wine tasting at a local wine group. My modus operandi this week has been to have a drink most days and on Tuesday and Thursday, I broke the rules. Oh dear, nevermind.

As a result, I've had a stagnant week, ending with roughly the same metrics as at the beginning of the week. My waist measurements seem to be smaller, although I'm having difficulty measuring consistently week by week.

The diet does allow up to 250ml of dry wine a day. Red wine is better and has more benefits than white. But the reality is it is better not to drink when dieting.

Next week I will do better but today is a cheat day and as I write this I'm munching on the croissants. I will not be going large today though because I need to revise for an exam on Monday and I need my energy levels to be high this weekend.

Here are the statistics: