There's really not a lot to add in this week's report. My weight is around 81kg showing a downward trend as is my body fat. It's a little up today and because this is a public blog (effectively the televised serial rather than the gritty black and white film version), I won't write the gory digestive details as to why.

I had two alcoholic blips in the week - 125ml of red wine too much on. Tuesday but I passed an AWS certification so I deserved it. In fact, the examination took a lot of effort and energy last week. I ran mainly on caffeine. I also had 3 small glasses of dry Cava last night.

I'm now halfway through the 100 days and it will be interesting to see what happens next. In theory, I should be able to get below 80kg and that is when my body shape will start changing. Not that I will stop after 100 days... Once the weather improves, I need to get on my bike and get more exercise.

For now, cheat day beckons. The gory detail is below.