That was a particularly horrific week with some long hours which will hopefully pay off in the coming weeks. Inadvertently I ended up intermittently fasting with one meal a day in the evening. I had a coffee or a bulletproof coffee in the morning and didn't eat until dinner. This wasn't particularly out of choice - I was just extremely busy.

Dinner each night was a keto meal and no larger than normal. Tuesday felt tough, but by Wednesday I'd adjusted. The number of steps I did was abysmal. Shocking actually.

So where did we end up on day 62? My weight is down to 79.6kg with a fat percentage of 19.7% (15.68kg). My waist measurements are 95.5cm around my upper waist and 92cm around my lower waist. The metrics are on the decline. I don't expect to hold all of that weight off as I'm going to have a regular cheat day today. However, everything is heading in the right direction. 

And as usual here are the statistics.