Goodness - it's week 10. It wasn't a great dieting week - a week of stagnation. There were two nights with slightly too much wine and the statistics are not going in the right direction fast enough.

Cough - ok, I admit it I had three nights with too much wine. I had a couple of glasses of red last night too whilst watching Picard and Hunters. I suspect that I've eaten too much cheese this week as well. On the Slow-Carb Diet, you can get away with a little bit of cheese and drink 250ml of dry wine a day, but clearly, I've broken the rules this week.

Still, I've not been 100% in myself. I've had a slight tightness in my chest and a gravelly throat. I do not believe I've got COVID-19, but the world does seem to be falling apart due to it. Overall I'm keeping the fat levels down and in the interests of thinking positively, I'm down to around 81kg from a starting weight of 85.2kg. Keep calm and carry on. We have 30 days to go yet.

Today is Saturday and unusually I'm not having a cheat day. I am saving it for tomorrow when I will be attending a Barley Wine tasting. The event is a culmination of an experiment I've been working on since last year - one wort, five different beer yeasts. All being well we will get together tomorrow to taste the beers.

The dreaded statistics: