Progress?! Stagnation more like. Hashtag, fail. Unless you've been away from the planet for a couple of weeks, you will be aware that we are suffering a pandemic. The knock-on effect for many of us office-based folk is that we are working from home. Work is online. Even my Russian lessons are online. I only have to leave the house to get shopping or to walk the dog. As a result, the amount of exercise I'm doing is staggeringly small.

Also, we've been having a few glasses of wine in the evening and just too many for a diet. If a bottle of wine is open between two people, it is easy to consume more than 250ml of it. I also took Friday off work to brew and bake, so Thursday and Friday nights were celebration nights...

It's an interesting time. Yesterday it was almost impossible to get eggs. When I did find some, the shopkeeper had kept them under the counter. It almost felt like a black market transaction buying them. The shelves are empty most days and I suspect we have some supply chain issues to come.

Anyway, the result is although the overall weight is up, the usual profile of a weekly weight spike with decline is there. In the interests of honesty, I have broken the diet with the drink every day this week and I've marked each day amber. I probably don't deserve cheat day but I'm going to have one. Perhaps next week we will cut alcohol altogether. Here are the shockingly gory details: