It's been a better alcohol-free week with my overall weight ending below 80kg. We did have some wine last night to celebrate the end of the week but resisted on school nights.

It's been mildly difficult to exercise with the quarantine in place. We went out last Sunday and found a quiet spot on the marshes to walk our dog. On the way there we drove past many people congregating on the seafront in the restaurants and places that were open. It isn't surprising that this has been dealt with.

Yesterday I managed to get out and get some shopping - not for me, for others. It felt strange queuing with a trolley 2 metres away from the next person but these are strange non-normal times. Today we will stay in. Perhaps I will do something in the garden.

My weight is on the right track and my waist measurements are okay. I think I will stop with the upper waist one - it is too variable to get right. If I can end the 100 days under 79kg I will be happy enough.

Here are the gory details: