It's our third week of quarantine in the UK and as a result, I have not been out much at all. I've walked the dog once and been to the shops. We've also had a couple of drinks this week - in fact, on most evenings we've enjoyed a drink. Our pattern has settled into: get up, do some personal errands before work, coffees, work most of the day with a break for lunch or a snack, then an evening meal.

Yesterday was an exception. My team got together for some drinks over a video call. During the call, I was invited into my manager's drinks call and soon after the team call, I ended up on a Skype virtual pub. All this was over by 1900, but you can imagine that it was an onslaught of socialisation and enjoyment of wine. Sadly we broke our diet and ordered fish and chips.

Despite that cheat meal yesterday, my weight hasn't gone adversely today. I'm still going to have a full cheat day today and we will both resume normal planning this week. In fact, the wife and I have decided not to drink alcohol until Easter (yes one week - this will be terribly difficult).

Our dog is a bit confused as to why we are in the house and spends the day following me around to find out what is really going on.

In terms of metrics, despite the utter failure, we end the week below 80kg and with a 36" waist precisely. The lack of exercise is appalling. I need to walk the dog more and take more deliberate breaks during the workday. The tendency is to sit at the computer and keep sitting until the day is done.

I'm a little disappointed I haven't stuck to it, to be frank, but this current COVID-19 situation is an unexpected curveball that was bound to have an impact of lifestyle.

Here are the statistics and records of failure: