Moving through the fourth week of quarantine in the UK, I've had a much better week in terms of diet. It hasn't been possible to exercise heavily but it has been possible to control some of the intake.

Most days, I've been up between 6 and 7am, starting with a coffee and getting on with work through to 5:30/6pm with a break for lunch. We had a couple of drinks on Sunday in the garden. It was a lovely day. We had a drink on Thursday night to mark the end of the working week and a drink on Friday too, but other than this is was a booze-free week.

My hydration levels were good throughout the week and we ate good food. Today I will be having a cheat day. If it were a normal Easter, I would probably be having two cheat days to accommodate a family get together, but sadly that is not to be this year.

My weight went up slightly on Friday and I suspect this is due to an excess on Thursday. My wife made some seed crackers which we devoured with cheese and I had too many of them, despite being keto. On Good Friday we ate well, I exercised by cutting down a tree. I also went to get shopping. This was enough to get my step count to 10000. We ended the day with a few wines - more glasses than I should have on a diet, but it's Good Friday.

This morning my weight is below 80kg and my waist hasn't changed at 91.5cm/36". Here are the statistics: