Into the fifth (actually, I've lost count) week of quarantine and I've more or less managed to stay on the straight and narrow. I took two days to cheat at Easter and we had a couple of glasses of wine too. Nevermind.

I managed to get out on my single-speed bike last weekend and get a bit of exercise in. However, this week has been a long week for working and I have not gone outside as much as I would like.

Last night we had some wine. One of my team is leaving and it was his virtual leaving do. Then watching the Pink Floyd stream of Pulse meant I had to open a second bottle... It's David Gilmour's fault obviously. Other than this, we've had a good week. We've settled on one to two meals a day and given our sedentary lifestyle, that's all we need.

I've passed day 100. My waist is more or less 36" still. My weight is below 79kg, but I believe that is an anomaly. It will average out around 80kg.

I considered changing the diet a bit, perhaps relaxing the restrictions on things like oats and porridge, but it's time to continue as is. Today is cheat day and we start with croissants. Here is this week's gore: