Good morning to you on this beautiful Sunday. So far the day has been blue skies and it is the final opportunity to do some gardening before a week of rain ahead. A brief post this week simply due to complete and utter lack of time.

1. Quote of the week

The true hero is one who gains victory over hatred and anger. -- Dalai Lama
2. What I've been enjoying

I've spent this weekend decluttering my office, throwing things away, shredding old paperwork, tidying up files and finding homes for my fermented goods. Out with the old and in with the new. The Kombucha Scoby has a new home.

On Friday evenings, we pick a concert on YouTube and watch it. This week we watching Queen Live at Wembley.

3. What I'm reading

Unfortunately, I parked most of my reading this week. I was just too busy. This coming week I will pick up The Way of Zen by Alan Watts and attempt to complete it.

4. What I'm doing in my free time

This week I restarted Russian lessons and it is clear I've got to get my head down and give it far more time. We have gone beyond basic grammar and are practising specific areas of vocabulary. Unfortunately, I've lost some of my basics and I need to revise. Hard.

5. What I'm learning more about

Back to basics this week with a rigorous revision of axiomatic set theory, functions and relations for a project I'm going to start in the summer. I've been doing some professional development courses via the BCS website and am looking into becoming an end-point assessor for approved development qualifications.