Talk about grumpy chops. It's more likely this isn't caused by the dieting but the lack of fresh air. My work is quite intense at the moment and the hours need to be put in. I need to get out into the fresh air today. The weather is fresh and perfect for a bike ride, but I don't have time.

I managed to get through another day with just one meal in the evening and I didn't really feel hungry until around 1600. Without going into the gory detail, my body has started to "cleanse" itself. At 1630 I had some chicken soup followed by chicken with salad and vegetables. I drank plenty of water. I did manage to get out to the shops very briefly but I need to take an hour today and really inhale some air.

Here are the statistics:

The weight has dropped immediately and such a drop usually happens when I have burnt out my glycogen store. I'm sleeping relatively well and that is an important factor in weight loss. I'm drinking almost three litres of fluid a day (excluding coffee). Two litres is enough but I want to made sure I'm properly hydrated.

One advantage of a fasting diet is that you can almost eat what you want for your meal, within reason. We are likely to have fish and chips on Friday night, something that I was not able to do on the Slow-Carb Diet. More tomorrow.