Saturday was mostly a great day for weather. I was able to get out on the bike and do a 43km ride, and we went for a walk in the forest in the afternoon in Brentwood. By doing this we avoided the rain at home. During the ride, I had a little rest in Tilbury where I met two horses (see featured picture).

Some key things before I digress into detail. I'll mention here that there's possibly a violation of the rules because I drank some dry white wine.

  • On Saturday I felt good generally and the headache from Friday had gone
  • I was able to do the bike ride without issues, although perhaps my energy levels could have been higher for hills
  • I had a "break" in the evening and had 3 small glasses of dry white wine
  • My weight is flat-lined but I have eaten "normal" takeaway meals for two days as my one meal a day.
  • I haven't really eaten outside of my one meal window, other than 3 squares of 100% chocolate on Thursday about an hour after dinner
  • As I write this, I feel normal and relatively energetic, even though I've had a bad night's sleep

On the bike ride, I had to cross the railway at a pedestrian crossing. For safety, they have put in swing gates. I managed somehow to get my bike through, but it does make you wonder what the planners are thinking. There is a sign there saying "Dismount Bicycles" but no easy way to get the bike through. Later on the ride, I assisted a fellow rider with their tires. They thought they had a puncture - actually they hadn't pumped their tires up. Everyone is rediscovering their bikes but they have forgotten the essentials.

Here are the statistics:

The weight is creeping up slightly perhaps but I'm not worried. I've marked yesterday as a yellow because of the 3 glasses of wine. The step count is crazy and I need to figure out how to remove bike rides from my Fitbit. I'm sure there is a way to do this. The step count is more like 11000 for Saturday.