1MAD – Day#12

I did not expect the weight measurement to go down any further. This morning it has popped up a few notches. Nevermind. Unfortunately, yesterday was a fairly sedentary day. I spent most of it at my desk other than a walk in the evening.

I’m having the occasional weird craving. Yesterday’s I briefly craved for a bowl of Crunchy Nut Corn-flakes. I suspect it is the crunch that I miss. I haven’t had these for at least 10 years. In fact, putting the timeline in perspective, it is now 9 years since I started taking health and diet seriously. I don’t think I’ve had cereal, other than the odd occasion at a hotel, since then.

Anyway, we have hit Friday. I’m feeling in good shape. I don’t have a headache like last week. I will end the week with a takeaway in the evening, kidding myself that a bike ride tomorrow morning will correct the behaviour. Also tomorrow I intend to take a break from this.

Here are the stats:





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