I had a day off from dieting on Saturday resulting in the consumption of a full English breakfast, crumpets with jam in the afternoon and a curry in the evening. I also had a couple of drinks, but in my defence, I also had a 52km bike ride.

On Sunday, we kept to one meal but we had a pasta bake. We also had some wine with it. On Monday I also kept to one meal and had the leftovers along with some garlic bread. So in conclusion, one could hardly call the weekend and the days surrounding it a period of dieting. Time to get on a new path.

The weight did shoot up as expected but that will drop over the next couple of days, provided I keep the hydration levels high and eat low-carb. Really the carb-fests must stop and furthermore to get maximum progress I should stop drinking for a while - even the small amounts I drink will affect weight loss.