Before the day started yesterday, I managed to get in a 56km bike ride. For most of the ride, my energy levels were high, but towards the end, I was beginning to have difficulty particularly on hills. This is not unusual for me. When I got into cycling heavily, I found that it was necessary to eat carbs during long rides. There is a school of thought that the body will eventually adapt to a low-carb diet, but I need carbs for long rides, and to date, my experience is that I ride a bike for 2 hours or so until I suffer performance degradation. 

The day was a day of Dulux paint shenanigans. We have decided to pick a colour that everyone is buying this week - Sapphire Salute. I am set in my ways and will only use Dulux Easycare paint. It is easy to work with and it is easy to maintain it once the decorating is finished. We were not able to find it anywhere. The Click and Collect service at a large well known DIY store advertised stock, but when we got to the store, there was none on the shelf and the staff wouldn't check. It later turned out that there were actually 3 tins there - we ordered online and went back to collect it. The saucy so and so's had put the remaining tin on the shelf. If you are running a retail store and are wondering why people buy online, it's because you are making us do so.

It was hot. Very hot in fact in comparison to other days. I kept my hydration high, but perhaps not as high as other days this week. My weight is dropping and my fat level continues to drop too. I am going to have a cheat day on Saturday, otherwise, I will go nuts. But here are the stats:

(My Fitbit is playing up and I cannot get today's sleep stats off it.)