It felt like I spent the day at the desk yesterday, but on reflection that is far from the case. I took the dog for a walk at lunchtime, mowed the lawns and washed the bikes. The bikes get washed every 3 years or so - whether they need it or not.

Dinner consisted of some smoked salmon that needed using, steak with vegetables, a banana and a handful of grapes. On a normal dieting day, I would not eat fruit, but we seem to have a ton of it, so a bit won't do any harm.

This morning I feel a bit washed out and I have bad breath - possibly signs that I'm returning to the fat-burning state. I would have got on the bike this morning otherwise. The Fitbit says I had a good night sleep...

My weight is down but my fat level is up. I'm not saying for a minute that this is an explanation, but I had been using some products on my feet to reduce the hardness of my heels. The last time I did this it affected my fat measurements. Anyway, the overall number is headed in the right direction.