Yesterday was a fairly relaxed day. I'm working on a course and studying for a teaching qualification. In between all that I was able to get the gardening done and take the dog for a walk. I was in ketosis all day as far as I can see. When I did the gardening, I felt faint twice. Not a massively good sign, but this is the first time it has happened to me for a long time. I had a glass of water, a cup of coffee and a sit-down, and then I was fine.

I ended the week with a mixed grill of steak, lamb chops, bacon and eggs. I also had a glass (or two) of red wine. I was still in ketosis this morning, well at least up to the point that I had a bowl of cornflakes. My waist measurement is down to under 36" (but I find it hard to reliably measure it) and my weight measurements are going in the right direction.

Today I am taking the day off as usual. Here are the scores: