I like being ahead. I've got two lessons planned (for this week and next), I'm ready for the next two weeks or so of Russian lessons and I'm digging into my teacher training course. I was able to get out for a bike ride yesterday afternoon and I took my road bike þor. What a difference on a road bike to a hybrid. It was an easier ride today. Surprisingly that bike has not been ridden for at least 2 years and it was fine. It has been washed, oiled and had its tyres pumped up but that is it. I stopped off for an espresso near Billericay in a farm shop, one I hope to visit again.

(1. Yes, my bikes have names; 2. þor == Thor - we used to have a letter for th in Old English and they still have it in Icelandic. Wouldn't English be easier if the words were spelt phonetically?)

I forgot to start my Fitbit so I don't have heart rate information and despite it recording something, you cannot export it unless you explicitly start the thing recording.

After the ride, I had a big omelette with tuna, onions and peppers with broccoli and a salad. I had a small glass of Rose - well within parameters.

I didn't sleep well the night before and I must have turned off my alarm and fallen back to sleep because I didn't wake until 745 - very late for me. And last night I didn't sleep well either. I couldn't get off to sleep - perhaps due to the pitstop espresso in the afternoon.

Today will be a day at the desk writing essays and having meetings. Here are the stats (Fitbit gets the step count terribly wrong even though it detects the bike ride correctly):