I'm not sleeping well. I woke around 230 and again 30 minutes ago. Our local bin collectors have decided that 530 on a Saturday morning is the time to collect the bins. I sympathise with the folks doing the collection, but I don't see why anyone in a residential area should be woken up before 7am for bin collection. The Night Hours act declares the day as 0700-2300. Anyway, I digress... At least one of my bins has been emptied this week. What would be great is if the two recycling bins could be as well.

Yesterday I completed the first major task of a teacher training course and managed to do a bit of gardening. The weather was lovely and I sat in the garden reading in the evening. We had meatloaf, salad and vegetables. We had a lovely piece of creamy mozzarella on the salad. And wine. I've marked yesterday as yellow because we had a lot of wine, but it was Friday night and the end of a successful week. Today I need to go back to bed for an hour, then have breakfast and go for a long bike ride.

This morning I've recorded my lowest fat reading for a long time. The wine didn't affect any weight loss. My fat levels will go up this weekend. I'm taking today off from the diet and will be having a roast dinner tomorrow.