Achtung. Grumpiness. I'm still grumpy chops. So a bit of analysis on what is different over the past couple of days.

1. I had to go to Ikea yesterday. There's nothing wrong with Ikea - I like the products and their approach mostly. But the general public is queuing up for Ikea as if they are handing out free money. I'm not really sure why people feel the need to walk around a large shop at 2km/h looking at cushions, followed by ingesting a bag of meatballs at the end. What's worse is we are supposed to stay 1m (2m? I forget) apart and when you get stuck behind a family of 8 hogging the lane, it's difficult not to have a Falling Down moment. Then when you get home you have to put the furniture together.

2. The meal out on Sunday made me cross. I also ate too many profiteroles. Sugary food is not good for me.

3. I've haven't eaten as much. It realised this morning that I occasionally supplement my meal with a large piece of cheese. I haven't been doing this. I haven't noticed in the sense that I'm not particularly hungry.

4. I've run out of vitamin B12 tablets. I've taken these for a couple of years under the belief that they helped me with fatigue. I've also taken magnesium to help too.

I'm exercising well - yesterday I managed to squeeze in a bike ride on my road bike too. It felt effortless. Although, my Fitbit didn't sync with my phone and as a result, I lost my heart rate statistics. I can see them in a graph. I need them in a TCX file, please! Chris Froome doesn't have these problems.

Anyway, perhaps I will feel better later on. The good news is that the weight is still going in the right direction during the week. We had chicken curry with cauliflower rice for dinner last night. We are sticking to the diet during the week: