1MAD – Day#46

I’m less grumpy, but I’m tired. I have a 2.5-hour Russian lesson on Wednesdays that ends around 2100 and I had a small glass of wine last night too. I didn’t get much REM sleep either – under 30 minutes. This isn’t particularly good for a gentlemanly scholar like me.

However, this mornings test shows that I’m back in ketosis. It takes me about 3 days to get into the full-fat burning mode and here we are again. I may slip out for a lunchtime bike ride if I have time.

Yesterday evening I had a steak with prawns and some leftover bacon, along with a salad and green beans. I also had a piece of cheese with the wine. I walked the dog around lunchtime for about 4km, but the rest of the day was spent at my desk.

The measurements continue to decline in the right way:


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