For the past two days, I've initially felt too tired to get up, but once I've got up I've been absolutely fine. Yesterday I got on my bike early and ended up doing a 76km bike ride. I had no intention of doing that distance. I ended up on route Q22 (Greenway) which takes you through to Stratford and Bow very safely. It's a lovely ride actually. I've also found the part of route 13 that cuts out a horrible bit of the route into London near Dagenham. Route 13 is not signposted very well at all.

Anyway, it is no surprise that I'm in ketosis this morning. I've overhauled the tracking spreadsheet a bit and added a colour ketosis result. It is only an estimate as the urine tests are not particularly accurate, but I'm not able to prick my finger every morning in the name of science, so they will have to do.

As you can probably imagine, I was very hungry yesterday, but I managed not to eat until the evening. I had a load of food - crab meat, salmon and a large mozzarella salad. This morning I'm lighter again and the fat has dropped. I do still intend to take tomorrow off as I always do, but I also intend to get another ride in weather permitting.