I had a very sedentary day sat at my desk working. I popped out to Halfords to replace my ageing puncture repair kits and to get rid of some items to charity. Apart from mowing the lawn that was it. We had smoked haddock, cauliflower mash and salad for dinner. I had some cheese separately. And then we had some wine - Friday night quantities. I've given myself a yellow card because of that. However, you wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't told you. My fat is down to 14kg. My ketosis level has lowered though, but there are still traces of ketones.

I didn't sleep very well. Our dog kindly woke me up at around 0110 to go out and then I discovered that our freezer was overheating. I got back to bed around 0130 and that's what the Fitbit thinks is the start of the night's sleep.

It will rise today though as I'm having the day off dieting as usual on a Saturday. I'm munching on a bowl of cornflakes building up the energy to make a full English breakfast before heading off for a bike ride. I need 85km or so to get the 400km Strava badge for the month. This should be comfortable, but I suspect I will aim for 100km as usual. I need to be able to do 100km comfortably for my trip in September. Here are the statistics.