I'm back to having some discomfort in my arm particularly at night and I'm not sure why. It's possible that the brace is moving. The nasty bit is the muscles are wasting, they get smaller and so the brace becomes too big. I may have to go back to the plaster room next week. Annoying because getting out of bed is slightly uncomfortable again. Hopefully, the bone is continuing to heal. At least I'm getting movement back in the elbow.

I spent yesterday doing very little. I had a couple of meetings but other than that I took the day out to have a rest. I was going to binge on Netflix but nothing took my fancy. I ended up finishing Tools of Titans.

I've taken a very aggressive internet blocking policy. I use Focus which more or less works - it blocks web sites to a schedule. It crashes every 4-5 days. The author is looking into it but is no longer responding to support e-mails - annoying as it is a pay-for app. I also use SelfControl, which unfortunately doesn't have the scheduling.

Yesterday I started to get very hungry around 1600. I had some cheese and tinned mackerel. Our dinner was chilli-con-carne with salad. We also had wine. It was not a typical 1MAD day.

Meanwhile, my overall weight went up very slightly whilst the fat levels went down. The Fitbit was able to analyse my sleep properly today - for what it is worth. The rain has come and has taken the pressure of the heat away. I'll probably have a quiet cheat day starting with a bowl of porridge - how exciting?