1MAD – Day#60

After not thinking too carefully about it, I ended up taking yesterday very easy with respect to diet. I had some crisps, cheese and biscuits along with a beer. This accompanied my attempt to get my Russian homework done, all typed up which is very annoying because I study best with a pen and paper. Not having the use of my right hand is annoying.

We had seafood pasta in the evening with some wine. Despite this, the weight hasn’t shot up too much and I’m still below 80kg for now. I didn’t bother with a ketosis test – it would be a wasted test strip. The Fitbit kindly analysed my sleep but in two segments – I woke up at 315 and couldn’t get back to sleep until around 5. I want to roll onto my side to sleep but I mustn’t – I have to sleep as upright as possible with the damaged arm supported.


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