It probably doesn't sound like a failure to you but I had a bowl of porridge at lunchtime with jam. Oh my goodness. I needed something to eat and I fancied porridge. Leave off! I have a fractured arm. You can see from the image that I made it one-handed.

I should probably be eating more. I felt better after eating it. Actually for the past three days or so I've felt a bit ropey. I haven't slept particularly well and today I have a very mild sore throat. And I have a hospital appointment today - it's difficult to know what to do other than ask them or not go.

The main meal was a keto cottage pie (potato replaced with cauliflower) and I had a small glass of wine too. I managed to participate in Russian as well, but it was tricky to take notes. I slept well last night. I ended up on my left side - not brilliant because I'm supposed to sleep upright (yes, ok). There was mild evidence of ketones on the test strip this morning, but so mild I'm marking it as negative. Still, the weight has dropped overnight.