1MAD – Day#70

Yesterday had less potential for failure. I had my meal in the afternoon consisting of soup and salmon with vegetables. I had to cook it myself one-handed. The hardest bit is getting the fish off of the baking tray.

My mind is not in the right place – the hospital has cancelled my regular consultation and at this point, there is no clarity when it will take place. Romford Queens seems to be in a bit of administrative mess. Anyway the long and short is I didn’t attend my Russian lesson and ended up on the sofa with a glass of wine, a book and Star Trek. Worse than this, I was offered chocolate and took it. Hopefully, I will have better news on what happens next with the arm later today – it’s been in the brace now for 3.5 weeks and if all was going to plan, I should either be coming out of it today or getting a nice new one. Worryingly the arm is aching – hopefully, that’s just the healing process…

You wouldn’t have known any of this if I hadn’t told you. The stats don’t reflect the small sins. We’ll mark yesterday as amber and regroup to do better. But in more positive news I had a bit of a mental clearout. I removed several large things from the to-do list, got rid of some old books and cleared up.


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