1MAD – Day#77

One meal a day is not working for me. We are on red. Shock horror. I had a bowl of soup and a garlic butter baguette for lunch. Then I had chicken curry with cauliflower rice for dinner. Actually, both of these probably fit into a feeding window in fasting terminology but we aren’t doing that (perhaps we should be) – we are doing one meal a day…

Anyway, the stats have still gone down despite carbs and despite this indiscretion – hence the red. I took an initial weight measurement of 79kg at 6am and let’s just say “something happened” so that by 830am I was significantly lighter… I had intended to write a book on dieting and when I get around to it, I’ll include the sordid details in there.

The good news is I feel better generally today having got lots of rest and I have a hospital appointment later to get the arm checked over. I can also write again – small paragraphs, however, not essays (the picture was actually taken some years ago before you ask…). I was actually getting somewhere with my left hand and perhaps I should keep going.





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