I spent an hour and a half in the hospital with an hour each way to get there. Things are healing well but yesterday's brace modification has not left me particularly comfortable. I'm back to the pain (or rather discomfort) management phase. My muscles are wasting and the next three weeks is about the bone glueing together and getting movement back. Six weeks have gone by but this is going to take more time. Moral of the story: Don't fall over.

On a positive note, I need to move the elbow more whilst supporting the fracture area and start to swing the arm gently to get the shoulder moving. I am allowed to attempt to type and write for short periods of time. I can now sleep on my left side. I don't strictly need the cuff but I'm using it when I go out and in bed.

You didn't come here to see grim pictures of an old geezer's wasting arm though - you came to hear about diet. I'm marking yesterday as a "success" in the sense we had one meal, but it was fish and chips along with a buttered roll. This didn't touch the sides of the way down. Practically though I need some time off, so I'm taking the usual break this weekend and today I will probably have two keto meals. Don't expect to hear from me on diet until at least Monday. I have essays to write and lessons to plan.