Unfortunately the Strong Ale I brewed in April does not appear to have carbonated. It can be a problem with strong beers, usually because the yeast cannot handle the amount of alcohol in the brew and decides it's best to call it a day. We tried a bottle of it a few weeks ago. It was still sweet from the priming sugar and flat.

This morning I attempted to rescue it. I rescued a Barley Wine last year by feeding it active yeast. The trick is to use a Wyeast smack pack and activate the yeast a few hours before you want to use it. The idea is that the yeast is in its multiplying mode and as soon as it meets the beer it will start to reproduce and eat the sugars that are left. Has to be worth a try. A friend came over to help given my lack of ability to lift things at the moment. We'll have to wait 4 weeks to see what happens!