If we are being strict, yesterday was a failure. I had some mackerel and almonds for lunch. Shock horror. So we had two meals and strictly I should be having one meal a day. Yesterday evening's meal was meatloaf without any of the starchy carbs. It means the loaf leaks the fat more and has to be turned out of the tin to crisp, but it means we keep keto. It was accompanied by cauliflower mash and salad. Anyway, despite the failure, the food I had should not cause any problems with weight loss - it was all good carb-free gear.

This morning I feel as if I've had a bad night's sleep. The Fitbit tells me I've had 7 hours and 57 minutes, but I feel like I could use more. I did have an incredible amount of REM sleep, evidenced by a very weird dream I had about walking a corporate floor. They were loads of suited people and individuals I recognise (and haven't seen for over 5 years). Eventually, I had to go and find Giles to talk about some server equipment (as you do), couldn't find him and ended up in a room packed with people in tight rows wearing masks. We were being 'processed'. Then I woke up... and made coffee. I've no idea what the dream means, but REM sleep is necessary for the mind to clean things up and put things into long-term memory.