For the remainder of this exercise, yellow means a minor fail but I got away with it. Yesterday's failure was a couple of glasses of wine and some cheese to go with it. The cheese simply was not close enough to the meal to be counted. If I were doing an eating window diet, then it would be alright. And you can see I got away with it because my weight and fat continue to descend, and my ketones increase.

Yesterday's meal of the day was Basa fish (which I won't be buying again) with stir-fried prawns in garlic and butter, along with salad and asparagus.

Not much going on today other than visiting the hospital. It's one day short of 2 months since I came off the bike. I'm hoping for good news and I'm hoping I can remove the brace, take it easy and move on. But I suspect I'll need to go back in 3-4 weeks to keep an eye on it.